Multi-Band RF and MM-Wave Design Solutions for Integrated RF Functions in Liquid Crystal Polymer SOP Technology

M.M. Tentzeris, J. Laskar, and J. Papapolymerou (USA)


: SOP, LCP, 3D Integration, Filters, Antennaarrays, WLAN Module, Dual-polarization, MultilayerPackaging, Dual-Band


Electronic packaging evolution involves systems, technology and material considerations. We present a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) based multilayer packaging technology that is rapidly emerging as an ideal platform for low cost, multi-band and reconfigurable RF front-end module integration. LCP's very low water absorption (0.04%), low cost and high electrical performance makes it very appealing for RF applications. A Single-Input Single-Output (SISO) dual-band filter operating at ISM 2.4-2.5GHz and UNII 5.15-5.85GHz frequency bands, a dual polarization, dual frequency 2x1 antenna operating at 14 and 35 GHz, and a WLAN IEEE 802.11a compliant compact module (volume of 75 x 35 x 0.2 mm3 ) have been fabricated on LCP substrate, showing the great potential of the System-On-Package approach for 3D compact, multi-band and reconfigurable integrated RF and millimeter waves functions and modules.

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