Implementation and Simulation of an Active Optimal Ventilation Device

S.-L. Lin and C.-H. Yang (Taiwan)


Respiratory Control; Simulator; Mechanical Ventilation; Optimal Airflow.


In this paper, an experimental optimal mechanical ventilation system, consists of the Human Respiratory Control Simulator, second version of ventilation apparatus MV2, an artificial lung, and the Analysis Plus!™ monitoring interface, was implemented and simulated. The ventilation device MV2 is interfaced by a data acquisition card and driven by the optimal airflow profile that was optimized by the simulator. In an earlier design MV1 which was restricted due to some elements, it was found that the optimized airflow profile couldn’t be achieved thoroughly. The MV2 was implemented to improve the system errors and to complete the active mode of control through the entire respiratory cycle. The fulfillment of current integrated system is expected to close the gap between experimental apparatus and future clinical needs. Furthermore, an intelligent feedback controller for any ventilator is essentially needed in further studies.

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