Modeling and Optimization of Port Operations through Computer Simulation

J.A. Eckardt, J. Meneses, J. de la Cruz, and C. Paternina-Arboleda (Colombia)


Modelling, simulation, port operations, logistics


Logistic simulation systems have been studied for some time now, but in Colombia this study has barely started. Very few know of the existence of simulation and the benefits that computer simulation can bring upon logistical systems. Operations in a maritime terminal such as the SPRB terminal of Barranquilla, Colombia, which handles containers, dry and liquid bulk cargo and general cargo can be very complicated and hard to optimize using traditional methods. This simulation model is divided into 4 main modules, 1 for each type of cargo, that represent all the operations that take place on any given day. It’s simplicity allows anyone to experiment with the model and find ways to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. The simulation provided valuable insight into several key areas that are not efficient, such as the selection of platform scales to weight truck and the usage of the liquid bulk cargo facilities.

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