Interaction of Process Algebra and Network Algebra Models for Technical Network Supervision

A. Lisounkin (Germany)


Technical network, formal description, network algebra, resource management


Due to a dramatic increase of the complexity of technical facilities, supervision, diagnostics, and control tasks are becoming more and more the subject of formal modeling and simulation. Formal approaches use algebraic systems as the formal basis for modeling and model calculus. The use of heterogeneous modeling structures means, that different algebraic systems may be involved. Given this, interaction of the algebraic systems within a model calcu lus must be considered. This paper is devoted to algebra-based modeling for tech nical networks. The focus of the paper is on use of proc ess algebra and network algebra systems in a common context, e.g. for the resource management task. The technique developed in this study has been used for modeling and supervision related to water, oil, gas, and electrical power distribution networks.

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