A Control Model of Information Appliances in Home Network Environment

H.-M. Lee and C.-H. Mao (Taiwan)


Information appliances; Intelligent control; Fuzzy sets; UPnP


In this study, we proposed a control model of information appliances in home network environment. The functions of this model are communicating with information appliances (IAs) dynamically, and handling the home events automatically. There are three modules in this model, saying, IA supervising module (IASM), IA hybrid event inference module (HEIM), and user interface module (UIM). The IASM is capable to manage the IAs connecting dynamically, receive the IA status messages and transfer controlling messages that are generated by the user’s commands or HEIM. The HEIM processes the home network events according to the rule bases that are set up by IA vendor or the home users. Via this model, the controlling mechanism of the IA devices can be more humanistic and convenient for user.

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