The Behavioural Modelling and Simulation of a Java-based Mobile Agent using MATLAB

A. Aneiba and S.J. Rees (UK)


Modelling, Simulation, Mobile Agents, Wireless Information Management, Java


Mobile Agent technology has become more significant in the field of mobile computing. This is due to the rapid advancement of high-performance mobile devices equipped with high-speed wireless telecommunications technology such as GPRS or 3G. Simulation tools are not matured enough to support agent-based applications development process. Modelling and simulation of new systems (e.g. Agent-based systems) is a key tool for reliable design methods. Simulators (e.g. OPNET, MATLAB) allow integration with external resources to increase overall performance. This paper addresses two main issues: development of a Java-based mobile agent behavioural model for wireless information management problem and to show its simulation through the integration of Java with MATLAB for modelling behaviours.

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