Impact of Beat Noise on Balanced Detection for 2-D Time-Spreading Wavelength-Hopping Optical CDMA Systems

T. Bazan, D. Harle, and I. Andonovic (UK)


Optical communications, optical CDMA, balanced detection, and beat noise


A performance analysis of 2-D time-spreading wavelength-hopping (TW) optical code-division multiple access (OCDMA) systems utilizing balanced detection considering multiple access interference (MAI) and beat noise (BN) is presented. Two different code families, namely a 2-D modified m-sequence and a 2-D projection code with balanced detection, are used to examine the system performance taking into account MAI, BN, and other noise sources. Results reveal that in the presence of beat noise, the balanced detection scheme is no longer an effective way to enhance OCDMA network performance if compared to the traditional receiver.

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