An Interconnection System for P2P File Sharing Networks

J. Lloret, C. Palau, J.M. Jimenez, and M. Esteve (Spain)


P2P, Interconnection System and File Sharing.


Currently there are a lot of public P2P file sharing networks in existence. Some of them have millions of on line users. There is a need for a system that allows searching files in every P2P network and downloading from every P2P network. To our knowledge, there is not any interconnection system in existence. This article describes a structured system that works over multiples unstructured P2P file sharing networks and interconnects them. This system works across different P2P architectures. It is scalable and fault-tolerant. The topology of this system changes by processing capacity or by connected peers capacity. The interconnection management is described. Finally, the mathematical model for this interconnection system and the simulations obtained for some topologies are shown.

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