WTSec: A Transport Model Certified on an IEEE 802.11 Environment

G. Fenu and G. Steri (Italy)


Wireless IP Networks, Authentication, Network Security, Cryptographic Protocols and Application.


Security in wireless applications and services is one of the most discussed topics since the introduction of wireless communications. The past few years have seen a great deal of development relating to wireless technologies, thus leading to the need for a high level of security for communications over limited areas. This paper presents the WTSec model (Wireless Transport Security), whose purpose is the study and the realization of a safe communication scheme for IEEE 802.11 (b/g, a/h) networks based both on IBSS (Independent Base Service Set) architectures and infrastructure BSS (Base Service Set) architectures. Moreover WTSec provides specifics to implement the three applications based on the model discussed in this paper: WTSec Authentication Server, WTSec Application Server and WTSec Client.

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