Dynamic Class Assignment Method based on Bandwidth Request Declaration on Domain Model

K. Yasukawa, K.-I. Baba, and K. Yamaoka (Japan)


Diffserv, Multimedia, Class assignment, Interaction


To solve the problems of interactions between multimedia streaming application traffic (stream flows) and the other usual application traffic (non-stream flows), we have pro posed a dynamic class assignment for stream flows. In our previous work, we considered a simple network topol ogy that has only one link between two nodes to establish our method. In this study, we integrated a bandwidth re quest declaration (BRD) scheme into our method to make it workable on a “domain model”, which is a model of net work domains managed by a single organization and com posed of multiple links and nodes. By comparing with an ideal situation where every edge node knows everything in a domain, we showed the BRD scheme makes our method to be applicable to domain models without degrading its performance.

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