Online Personal Data Licensing

S.-C. Cha and Y.-J. Joung (Taiwan)


Data Licensing, Data Collection, Personal Records and Pri vacy, P3P, Privacy Law and Regulation


We propose a new technical and legal approach, called On line Personal Data Licensing, for responding to concerns about the privacy of personal data. The idea is that any use of a person’s data must be authorized by the person. By al lowing people to issue licenses for the use of their data, they can control the way their data are to be used, and be more alert to the exposure of their personal data. In contrast, most Web services today adopt passive consent in which people generally are unaware of how their data have been, or will be used. Data licenses can be considered as a type of proxy consent but, with the technology of digital signature, they can provide the same power of evidence as a written consent. So the use of data licenses can hopefully reduce the increasing dispute on privacy issues between users and service providers.

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