The Impact of New Technologies on Labor Law Sources

M. Delfino, M. Esposito, G. Natullo, R. Santucci, P. Saracini, and L. Zoppoli (Italy)


Soft Law, Labor Law, Technology - Telework


The widespread of new technologies has been producing important changes both in the European Union and Italian system of the law, especially in the field of labor law. The increasing of Information Technology has changed work performance putting in a state of crisis the present apparatus of rules. Law has to meet with new social needs and probably all the changes will require more modern and flexible sources of the law. Therefore, an increasing use of soft laws and soft regulations has been made in recent years. At the European Union level a good example of the changes occurred is witnessed by the employment strategy documents fixing the targets to be achieved by the 15 Member States. This paper will also take into consideration telework – based on information and communication technology - that is illustrative of all these changes in the system of the law.

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