Digital Rights Management in Information Publishing

A.H. Salden, E.-J. Goedvolk, H. ter Doest, R. Kersemakers, D. Slijp, and C. Prins (The Netherlands)


Information publishing, business model, DRM, ODRL


We present a business and technological solution to digital rights management (DRM) issues that could arise with increasing document management capabilities of application service providers (ASPs) offering future networked business-to-business (B2B) Information Publishing services. Document management concerns indexing, querying and retrieval in the author-publisher relationship. In the publisher-ASP-subscriber relationship, however, it concerns mainly presentation, i.e. printing and viewing of document content. On the basis of an ASP business model we identify critical DRM aspects that future B2B Information Publishing service providers have to face in the light of the above mentioned technological advances. We elaborate on technologies that might resolve related DRM issues. Furthermore, we discuss legal implications of such technological advances, e.g. conflicts between intellectual property rights enforcement and privacy protection due to those advances. Subsequently, we specify digital rights of enriched document content by extending the Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL). Finally, we enforce digital rights of enriched document content by implementing an ODRL compliant DRM services on top of our Information Publishing service.

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