Mobility Management for UMTS-WLAN Seamless Handover; within the Framework of Subscriber Authentication

H. Kwon, K. Rho, A. Park, and J. Ryou (Korea)


UMTS-WLAN handover, UMTS AKA, EAP-AKA, and UMTS-WLAN authentication


Currently, the integration of 3G mobile network and WLAN is hot issue in wireless communication because the higher mobility of UMTS can be complemented with the higher data rate of WLAN in hotspot areas. Also, service continuity and seamless mobility is key issue for handover in UMTS-WLAN interworking system. For seamless handover, the time of handover detection and execution should be minimized because the severe handover delay cannot guarantee the service continuity. Especially, in this paper, we deal with the authentication mechanism within the handover execution for reducing the handover delay. Generally, UMTS and WLAN access system have very similar authentication and key agreement mechanism, except for different lower layer transport protocols and no re-authentication procedure in UMTS. So, we propose the handover architecture for seamless mobility and an extended authentication mechanism with mandatory use of re-authentication during the ongoing session for service continuity.

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