Token Buckets for Outgoing Spam Prevention

W.N. Gansterer, H. Hlavacs, M. Ilger, P. Lechner, and J. Strauβ (Austria)


outgoing spam, token bucket, ISP


In this paper we propose a concept for preventing unso licited bulk e-mail (UBE, “spam”) at the outgoing SMTP server. In particular, we take the point of view of an In ternet Service Provider (ISP), who wants to control the e mail traffic going out of its network. A central component of our concept contains the adaptation of a token bucket mechanism which allows the ISP to dynamically limit the number of e-mails sent out by each user. If adjusted prop erly, this strategy harms the business model of spammers without affecting regular e-mail users. In combination with a complementary component, our concept makes it possi ble to completely eliminate the sending of spam from the network of an ISP.

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