Optical-Electronic Information System for High-Temperature Processes Remote Monitoring

S.M. Borzov, V.I. Kozik, O.I. Potaturkin, and N.N. Shushkov (Russia)


Energy system, combustion, remote sensing, signal processing, monitoring, optimization


The remote monitoring problem of high-temperature processes for their subsequent optimization is considered. One of such processes is combustion. As a rule, for its analysis the integral information on carbon and nitric oxide and oxygen concentrations in output gases is used. It`s shown that information about optical parameters of flame selectively on every torch and about hydrogen concentration in output gases on a boiler as a whole can be effectively used for combustion optimization. Flame sensors and MIS-capacity hydrogen gas-analyzer are designed. Based on this devices and solid-electrolytic oxygen gas-analyzer the optical-electronic information system for high-temperature processes remote monitoring is created. The digital data processing of this system is performed by local and pointwise operators.

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