Signal Processing of the Frequency Stability of High Quality Oscillators

B.D. Borisov (Russia)


Signal processing, Filter, Frequency stability, Oscillators.


The processing of the frequency stability signal of high quality oscillators in RF, SRF and optical regions is considered. In the time-domain the two main types of disturbances (the regular frequency drift and the 1/f frequency flicker-noise) are separated. Recursive computational algorithms of the estimate of the frequency drift, the trend coefficient, and its mean-square root deviations in the time domain are obtained on the basis of the linear Kalman-Bucy filtration (KBF). On the same basis, the components of a mixture of flicker – noises in the Fourier-domain are identified. The universal characteristic of the instability (density probability p(f) as the function of frequency fluctuations) and its relations with the local frequency instability measures are established.

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