Traffic Analysis of IP Telephony in Wireless Cellular Networks

T. Janevski and B. Spasenovski (Macedonia)


Teletraffic, IP, Telephony, Cellular.


Wireless cellular networks are going on the way to integration with IP technology. As penetration of users almost reached its limit in developed countries, the future of cellular networks is towards providing new services to mobile users, similar to those found in wired Internet, which are based on IP, but adapted to mobile environment. Thus, integration of wireless networks and Internet is an ongoing process. In this paper we consider the teletraffic design of cellular access network based on IP as a network layer protocol. Primarily, we consider voice traffic statistically multiplexed on the wireless link. Our model for voice traffic is based on Markov Modulated Poisson Process (MMPP). We propose an analytical envelope for the traffic analysis of IP telephony. A Matlab simulation environment is created for analysis of statistical QoS parameters: packet loss probability and packet delay. Voice traffic has priority over best effort traffic, which we propose for value added services. Our main contribution in this paper is the creation of a teletraffic theory for dimensioning of wireless cellular networks for IP telephony.

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