Assessment of a New Event Based Reporting Method and Comparison with Other Measurement Reporting Methods Proposed by the Standard 3GPPTS 25.423

J.G. Wangüemert Pérez, A. Tölli, and P. Hakalin (Spain)


Optimised Event based reporting method, 3GPP TS25.423, reporting rate, non-reported alarms.


This work describes a new and powerful measurement reporting method to optimise and to reduce the needed information exchange between network entities through their respective interfaces. The main property of the method, named as 'Optimised Event Based Reporting Method', is its flexibility and adaptability because it is able to continuously and automatically change the required reporting rate depending on the value of the measured entity in each instant of time. That is, it sends more or less reports depending on if the measurement to be reported is changing fast or slow, respectively. This adaptive operation mode is achieved basing the triggering decision on the relative change of the measurement value with respect to the previously reported measurement value. Simulation results are presented to show that its performance is superior than the reporting methods suggested in 3GPP TS 25.423.

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