Comparison of Methods for Modeling the Next Generation Multimode Fiber

A. Risteski, B. Spasemovski (Macedonia), and P. Pepeljugoski (USA)


10 Gb/s Ethernet, multimode fiber,wave equation, fiber modes


This paper shows three approaches for modeling the electric field in a 50 µm multimode fiber. The three approaches considered here assume multimode fiber with refractive index profile that is very similar to cladded parabola. Although the problem was generally solved analytically in the past for some refractive index profiles, accurate and efficient numerical methods for multimode fiber (MMF) with arbitrary index profiles needed to be developed for use in complex simulation models. This was particularly the case in the development of the specifications for the next generation fiber to be used in 10Gb/s Ethernet links. The draft IEEE 802.3ae standard (10 Gb/s Ethernet) includes a 300m option for next generation multimode fiber operating at 850 nm. As criteria for choosing the most appropriate approach, we used the accuracy and the computation time of each approach, as well as the stability to parameter variation and possibility for implementation in fibers with arbitrary index profile.

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