Very Efficient Wireless Frequency Usage System with Multipath Estimation in Correlation Domain

C. Han, N. Suehiro, T. Imoto, and N. Kuroyanagi (Japan)


4G mobile communication, sequence design, ZCZ-CDMA, wireless frequency usage efficiency, high-rate wireless communication


We have proposed a method for increasing the in formation transmission rate and the frequency usage rate based on a new method for estimating multipath channels and spread time signals convolution. We used a pilot signal and data-transmission signals in the same frequency and in the same time. For this purpose, we used the complete complementary code on approximately synchronized systems. The information transmission rate came to (1.3/k) chip/bit, where k was the QAM factor. The method is already implemented as an LSI chip. However, the problem of dynamic range is remained. In this paper, we show the system can be simpler by using complete complementary codes composed of sparse sequences.

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