Inter-cell Interference Caused by Asynchronous Cells in Approximately Synchronized CDMA Systems

M. Nakamura, H. Torii, S. Wakoh, and N. Suehiro (Japan)


CDMA, AS-CDMA, Spread spectrum, Interference, ZCZcodes, Simulation,


The approximately synchronized CDMA (AS CDMA) system has an advantage in that there is zero inter-channel interference in the desired cell. In order to further verify the usefulness of the AS-CDMA system, it is essential to assess other interference, that is, inter cell interference, which is caused by terminals on the outside of the desired cell. In this paper, the inter-cell interference is examined for generalized system models by using computer simulation. One system model consists of synchronized cells, in which all interference signals are approximately synchronized with the desired signal. Another system model contains asynchronous interference signals. The simulation results show that the level of total interference in AS CDMA cellular systems is excellent.

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