Reducing the Peak Power and the Sensitivity to Carrier Offsets Frequency in Noncoherent OFDM-ASK Systems

A.J. Al-Dweik (Israel) and F. Xiong (USA)


OFDM, Frequency-Offset, PAP, Noncoherernt


In this work we propose a new technique to reduce the signal peak power and the sensitivity to carrier fre quency offsets for noncoherent (NC) orthogonal fre quency division multiplexing-amplitude shift keying (OFDM-ASK) [1]. Theoretical analysis and simulations have shown that the proposed technique can reduce the signal peak power significantly, approximately 10 dB for a system with 16 subcarriers, and 12 dB for a system with 32 subcarriers. The sensitivity to the carrier fre quency offset will be reduced by approximately 1.5 dB. Low complexity is a key feature of the proposed tech nique; even we can say that the improvement achieved in both cases is gained almost for free.

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