Sum Capacity of Signature Sequence Multisets Consisting of Two Orthogonal Sets with Unequal Power Constraints

F. Vanhaverbeke and M. Moeneclaey (Belgium)


Sum capacity, oversaturated channels, multiple access, CDMA


Under the assumption of perfect time synchronization of the users and an unequal average input energy constraint, we investigate the sum capacity of signature sequence multisets, consisting of two orthonormal subsets. It is found that, under the Equal Average Energy constraint, the sum capacity resulting from two orthogonal subsets is maximized by the OCDMA/OCDMA (O/O) system (where the number of users in the first set equals the spreading factor). When the power constraints of the two user sets are allowed to be different, it is shown that the sum capacity of the O/O system can be made arbitrarily close to the sum capacity of the Gaussian Multiple Access Channel.

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