Bit-Loading Algorithm for DMT Broadband Indoor Power Line Communications

J.A. Cortés, L. Díez, F.J. Cañete, and J.T. Entrambasaguas (Spain)


Bit-loading, DMT, power line, broadband.


In this paper, a bit-loading algorithm for DMT (Discrete MultiTone) broadband indoor power line communications is proposed. In noisy channels with high attenuation values, most of the carriers remain empty after the application of conventional strategies. This is due to the limitation in the power spectral density (PSD) mask for the transmitted signal imposed by regulations. Under these circumstances, MBA (Multibin Bit Allocation) algorithm offers significant bit-rate improvements. Based on this framework, a modification of this method and its performance is presented. Simulation results show that, even with a reduced computational load, important bit-rate gains can be obtained.

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