Interworking between MMS and Streaming

M-E. Mostafa (Finland)


: Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS),Streaming, Multimedia over Wireless, WirelessNetworks Standards and Protocols


MMS and streaming are two promising multimedia applications for wireless communications. Ability of managing multimedia data by wireless infrastructure is naturally limited. The limitation is not similarly visible in different applications. Practical work of designing interoperable mobile multimedia applications is, thus, vital to provide means for interworking among those to overcome the limitation. This paper finds the optimum scope of interworking between MMS and streaming to overcome an identified limitation visible in MMS resulting from the shortcoming of the wireless infrastructure. Different characteristics of transmission in streaming and MMS are analyzed in this paper to conclude that the unilateral interworking of using streaming across terminal interface for the retrieval of multimedia contents of multimedia messages in MMS provides the optimum scope of the interworking between the applications. The paper first reduces the scope of the interworking to the use of streaming in selected hops of MMS transmission, and then, it tailors the use of streaming to the transmission across the recipient terminal interface of MMS. Important factors considered in this analysis to find the optimum scope of the interworking are backward compatibility, complexity, practical demand, implementation flexibility, economic feasibility, and user friendliness. The paper also outlines the scopes for further works to extend the idea described in this paper.

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