Enhanced Applications of an ISDN-based Tele-Working Platform

P. Sotiriades, G.P.-K. Economou, and D. Lymberopoulos (Greece)


Hellenic PTT Organization (OTE), PublicAdministration Bureaus (PABs), Distributed ComputingSystem (DCS), Tele-Working Platform.


The incessant advances in the field of telecommunications make clear to PTT (post-telephone telegraph) enterprises the need to provide for new value added integrated services, in order to supply their customers with enough means to reap the full advantages of new technology. These new value-added services and an open-architecture Tele-Working platform that were developed for the Hellenic Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), are presented. These Tele-Working platform and services are PC-based, an integrated product that combine a features, such as e Commerce, Storage, Application, and a closed group of subscribers services; real-time audio/video/data exchanging collaboration; real-time application sharing; file transferring; central databases for off-line data exchanging (i.e. for agenda data inserting, acknowledging, reminding purposes, etc.). The platform equips the Hellenic PTT Organization (OTE) with a ready-to-be applied novel service that would supply future subscribers the means to remotely collaborate [1], [2]. This paper introduces the implementation and evaluation performance of the Tele-Working Platform that was put into operation in Thessaly and its enhanced version in Edessa (both rural and sparsely populated Hellenic regions) in order to provide their Public Prefecture Bureaus the means to offer the services to their citizens. This novel platform is built on a distributed computing system.

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