Two-Level Renegotiated Constant Bit Rate Algorithm (R-CBR) for Stored Video Services over QOS Networks

J.J. Alins, J.R. Pegueroles, J. Mata, and L.J. de la Cruz (Spain)


Telecommunications Technology,video services, bandwidth renegotiation.


Variable-bit-rate (VBR) compressed video can exhibit significant multiple-time-scale bit rate variability. Smoothing techniques remove the periodic fluctuations generated by the codification modes. However, global efficiency concerning network resource allocation remains low due to scene-time-scale variability. RCBR techniques provide suitable means to achieving higher efficiency. This paper presents a new two-level renegotiated constant bit rate (RCBR) technique for stored video. This technique uses client buffer space to assure continuity-time constraint and to reduce the number of periods requiring higher bandwidth. The simulated results from 4 relevant sequences are presented.

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