Cosmos: Convenient Image Retrieval System of Flowers for Mobile Computing Situations

M. Noda, H. Sonobe, S. Takagi, and F. Yoshimoto (Japan)


Flower image retrieval, Mobile computing, Applications


There are many image retrieval systems today. These systems, however, are difficult to use in outdoors. In this paper, we propose an image retrieval system of flowers that can be used for mobile computing environment. When we use this system, first we photograph a flower with a digital camera, put the flower image in a personal digital assistant (PDA) and give some simple characteristics of flowers on the PDA. Then we send the flower image and the characteristics to an image retrieval server via Personal Handyphone System (PHS). In the server, images similar to the received image are retrieved and the results are returned to the PDA via PHS. We check the results on the PDA. For the purpose of comparing the images, we use characteristics of shape and color extracted from the images. The result of our experiment shows that the percentage of getting the objective image from the first to the third places was about 92%. The objective flower-data was obtained in satisfactory time.

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