An XML-based Active Rule Support for Fast Reconfiguration of Business Processes

I. Park, S.J. Hyun, S. Kang, and D. Lee (Korea)


XML, Active Databases, ECA Rules, XML-RPC


The paradigm for Event-Condition-Action (ECA) based active rule processing has been diversified to adopt XML in describing the events and active rules for vari ous Internet services. Most of researches in this track support limited services, such as managing XML documents, pushing reactive services, and personalizing Web views. Due to the insufficient expressive power of those XML-based active rule languages, it is difficult to materialize general business processes for e-business. In this paper, we propose an XML-based active rule markup language (ARML) designed to describe busi ness processes with the full-fledged object-oriented paradigm. Since ARML decouples the business proc esses from application programs in the form of XML documents, it enables a business application to recon figure business processes immediately even though business policies and constraints change frequently. We also expect that non-technical business managers can create and update business processes with their own domain expertise using ARML and rule graphs. With out the need for programming knowledge, a cost for maintenance and time to reconfigure business processes is extremely reduced in business applications.

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