On-Line Payment with Cellular Phone

L.C. Wuu, Y.W. Lu, Y.J. Shen, and Y.H. Chen (PRC)


m-commerce, on-line payment, virtual credit card, cellular phone


Recent rapid development in mobile commu nication enables people being with cellular phone wherever they go. It is practical to enhance the functionality of cellular phone, and one is to boost consumer-friendly mobile transactions by replacing traditional credit card payment system. However, previous researches focus on the improvement of smartcard technology [1]. That means the handset must be upgraded and that will hinder the take-up of mobile commerce [2-5]. In this paper, we propose an on-line payment scheme that people can securely complete their transactions by their current cellular phones with no need to upgrade their handsets. Our scheme uses SIM card, User ID and Password to solve the insecure flaws of credit card such as signature forgery, stealing behavior of untrustworthy merchants. Furthermore, the secure information of people such as credit card number, cellular phone number never travels across the network.

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