A Feedback Congestion Control Method to ABR Service in High Speed ATM Networks

L. Tan, J. Li, Q. Liu, and L. Chen (PRC)


Congestion control, computer network, algorithm and simulation, buffer occupancy


In this paper, we present a novel method to the design of closed-loop rate-based flow controller in high-speed ATM networks. In this method we use a novel proportional predictive (PP) controller, where the control parameters are designed to ensure the stability of the control loop in a control theoretic sense. The PP controller regulates the source rate based on the knowledge of the buffer occupancy of the destination node. Stability of the closed-loop system ensures that the performance of controlled network has no oscillation in terms of buffer occupancy and the network thus has a least packet loss rate. Simulations for the dynamic performance such as the total input rate and buffer occupancy of the destination node of the congestion controlled system under the scheme of MPEG source, available-bit-rate (ABR) source are carried out. Simulation results demonstrate good dynamic performance of the networks. The relevant algorithm and implementation method are presented with the corresponding pseudo codes being given.

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