Wavelet Packet Analysis as a Means of Searching for Weak Narrow Band Signals

T. Anastasia, G. Maenza, and R. Polikar (USA)


Wavelet Packets Narrow band Search SETI


Potential benefits of wavelet packet analysis are explored as a way of searching over a wide frequency band for weak, narrow band signals. The specific application of the technique discussed in this paper is for SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) data where conventional Fourier techniques have been used in the past. SETI data analysis is based on searching for pulsatile signals that are buried in noise and the wavelet transforms are known to be superior to Fourier transforms in analyzing such highly corrupted nonstationary signals. The time and frequency localization characteristics of wavelet packets are used to efficiently localize weak signals with an algorithm that is potentially more sensitive and less time consuming than the FFT.

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