Sampling Entities without Replacement for Stochastic Simulation using Randomized Streams

M.M. Venigalla and M.S. Bronzini (USA)


Waterway operations, vessel simulation, randomized streams, entity streams for simulation models, sampling without replacement


Simulation of entities on transportation facilities requires a sampling mechanism for generating and then, if need be, scheduling entities, such as automobiles, trucks, aircraft, shipping vessels etc., in the form an entity stream. A methodology for random sampling, without replacement, of entities from a known discrete distribution is presented. Computational complexities associated with organization and randomization of large input streams are addressed. In addition to addressing issues related to generation of discrete and continuous event occurrences in the entity stream, issues related to incorporating scheduling overrides into the final entity streams are discussed. The methods discussed have successfully been applied for generating streams of shipping vessels for a study on operational analysis of the Panama Canal.

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