Continuously Variable Transmissions for Automobiles

B. Jawad, J. Goodfellow, and J.H. Pardee (USA)


CVT, clutch weight, spider tower, slider button, torque spring, helix.


The continuously variable transmission (CVT) has been utilized within the transportation industry for a significant amount of time, and only recently has it become mainstream. The most common use is in snowmobile applications, but the CVT is making a respectable emergence into other modes of transportation. The desire for better fuel economy and an ever-varying final drive ratio has brought the CVT into mainstream design. Most recent application research has been concentrated on use in full-size automobiles, trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. The use of CVT is also growing in the world of weekend racing. Less mechanical parts and easier service make the CVT appealing to the average racer. The main purpose of this paper is to illustrate the benefits of integrating the CVT system into a wider range of automotive applications. Calculations and formulas will be given to support these statements and could change the minds of many critics.

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