Analytical Modelling of the Morphodynamycal Problem of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Magnetic Walls Motion in Monocrystalline Ferromagnetic Materials like Se-Fi

M. Rouff, Z. Lakhdari, and M. Cotsaftis (France)


morphodynamics, magnetic lossses,magnetic domain walls motion, ferromagnetic, powerengineering.


Determination of magnetic domain walls motion in ferromagnetic material is of fundamental importance to evaluate the losses in the material. Usual approach is to assume rigid planar wall structure and to derive simplified local dynamical equations neglecting volume induction effects and wall-wall interaction. In this paper, global analysis of Maxwell equations in magnetic adjacent domains shows that the rigid planar wall model is not compatible with Maxwell equations. The exact free boundary problem determining wall structure evolution is obtained from coupled equations derived from electric fields Hamiltonian and the Lagrangian of magnetic domain walls interaction selfconsistently including bulk induction effects and morphodynamical wall-wall interation resulting from free surface wall motion.

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