A Data Modeling Tool Where Associations Come Alive

B.K. Ehlmann (USA)


Modeling, Simulation, Database, ORN


The Object Relationship Notation (ORN) Simulator is a Web-accessible, data modeling tool. Practitioners and students of database development define object types and relationships, i.e., associations, and then observe and fine tune their behavior as they create and remove objects and create, destroy, and change association links within a prototype database. The database is viewed in the context of an ER diagram or UML class diagram, hence these diagrams “come alive,” making their semantics immediately obvious to the user. Once the desired object classes and association behaviors have been modeled and simulated in the prototype database, a database developer can better implement the model as a real database. The ORN Simulator was developed as a prototype to showcase ORN, a declarative scheme for defining common association semantics, but it has also become a learning tool for students of software engineering and database management. In this paper we provide a brief overview of ORN and then focus on the ORN Simulator - its functionality, architecture, and the benefits that such a tool can offer.

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