Hybrid Congestion Control in Layered Multicast Networks using PLM with DRR Queue

N.K. Chilamkurti and B. Soh (Australia)


Congestion control, Multicast, PacketPair Layered Multicasting, Deficit Round Robin Queues.


The packet pair mechanism has been used to allow a source to infer the available bandwidth. The mechanism was later extended to include multicast traffic via a mechanism called Packet Pair Layered Multicasting (PLM). However, the PLM has a drawback of assuming a fair schedule paradigm. That is all routers must implement a Fair Queueing (FQ) policy, which may not be cost effective. This paper shows how this assumption of FQ can be relaxed using a deficit round robin queue. The performance of the enhanced PLM is evaluated using simulation and the results are presented in the paper.

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