A New Method of Seismic Wavelet Estimation

S. Nader-Esfahani, A. Javaherian, and R. Shaghaghi-Kandovan (Iran)


Blind Identification, Least-Squares Method, Seismic Wavelet


The estimation of seismic source signals, called source wavelets, is one of the important issues in exploration seismology, considering their characteristics and inexact accessibility. Based on processing the signals received via seismometers, different methods have been suggested to estimate a source wavelet. The reflected waves, is a convolution of the source wavelet and the sequence of reflectivity at the interface positions between every two layers. In this paper, a new method of wavelet estimation is suggested using the Least-Squares method. The Least Squares method has already been discussed in communication engineering and is based on the source being white. Seismic sources are not generally white; therefore, this obstacle needs to be removed. An example for seismic prospecting is given in this paper, which demonstrates the effectiveness of this new method.

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