H∞ Feedback Active Noise Control in Acoustic Duct System

S. Yuan and L. Xie (Singapore)


active noise control, H∞ control.


Compared with feedforward control, feedback active noise control has the advantage that it is no need to measure the reference signal. However, feedback control is very sensitive to the time delay from the secondary source to the error microphone. So robustness of the control system is the most important issue. In this paper, we implement H∞ method to design feedback controller for an acoustic duct system. Controller that deals with a narrow frequency band noise instead of a single frequency noise is obtained. First, model of the acoustic duct system is obtained from experimental analysis. Then the model is augmented to a standard form to apply the H∞ design method. In the design process, penalizing functions are selected according to the practical situations, performance specifications and other limitations. After that, simulations and experiments are conducted to validate the designed method. The method is straightforward and good performance can be achieved. Experimental results of this method and the feedforward method are also compared in this paper.

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