Designing Methodology for Fuzzy I-PD Preview Control with GAs

D. Wang and K. Aida (Japan)


Fuzzy Logic Control, I-PD Control, Optimal Preview Control, Fuzzy I-PD Preview Control, Genetic Algorithms.


In this paper, a design methodology for Fuzzy I-PD Preview Control (FIPC) with Genetic Algorithm (GA) is proposed. To enforce the nonlinear property of FIC, two parameters are injected and optimized by GA. FIPC is proposed with a new preview control element’s designing scheme using fuzzy theory. The preview control element, which is optimized by GA under a performance criterion, can not only decrease the overshoot of output response, but also compensate the pure time delay. At last, some computer simulations to a three-cascaded tank system will illustrate the efficiency of the proposed design methodology.

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