Internal Model Controller for Chaotic Discrete Systems

H.G. González-Hernández, M.V. Álvarez-Ramírez, J. Álvarez-Gallegos, and J. Álvarez-Gallegos (Mexico)


Chaotic Behaviour, Nonlinear Control, Regulation, Robustness, Discrete Systems .


In the last years there has been a lot of work dealing with the solution of two particular problems: regulation and tracking of chaotic systems. In this paper, a new idea for controlling this kind of systems is proposed. Robust control has been used for minimize the effect due to disturbances or parametric uncertainties over the dynamic behaviour of the controlled system, particularly over its stability characteristics. The idea of introducing an Internal Model Controller (IMC) for regulation of a discrete chaotic system is developed here, as a first approach in order to find suitable conditions for the implementation of this technique for chaotic systems. Simulation results are also shown for the Hénon system.

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