Nonlinear Excitability Analysis with Application to Two-Pedulum System

A.L. Fradkov, B.R. Andrievsky, and K.B. Boykov (Russia)


Nonlinear Systems, Oscillations, Excitation, Mechanics


Excitation of nonlinear oscillations is studied theoretically, numerically and experimentally by means of computer con trolled set-up. The set-up consists of single and coup led double pendulum-like electromechanical systems con nected to the personal computer. The mathematical models of mechanical and electromagnetic processes in the system, data exchange interface and software for laboratory exper iments are described. The algorithms for typical analysis and design problems (swinging and parameter estimation) are presented and studied both numerically and experimen tally. Pulse-width modulated algorithm for swinging the pendulums is obtained based upon the speed-gradient ap proach. Influence of the second pendulum on the excitabil ity of the first one is investigated. The results of the paper lead to better understanding features of the excitability in dex – new characteristics of resonance properties of nonlin ear dynamical systems.

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