Modelling of Bar Temperature in a Wire Rod Mill

T. Yli-Fossi and P. Lautala (Finland)


modelling, simulation, metal processing, temperature, heat flows


In this paper a model of bar temperature of a wire rod mill is developed. The developed model is mainly based on the physical equations of thermodynamics. The simulator is used for testing a new control strategy for the bar temperature control at Fundia’s wire rod mill in Dalsbruk, Finland. The objective of the proposed control strategy is to control the bar temperature of the final rolling located in the finishing block. The temperature is controlled before the finishing block with three cooling units. The heat transfer process is complex between the bar and its surroundings. There are also several factors as bar diameter, rolling speed and qualities of steel grades, which influence on the behavior of the bar temperature. Effects of rolls and the water cooling zones for the bar temperature are also included in the developed process model. Moreover, heat transfer processes inside bar is modeled. Simulation results were satisfactory, although influential factors were several.

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