Parallel Robot for Ambulance Stretcher Active Suspension: Mechanical Modelling and Simulation

L.E. Bruzzone, M.P. Lazzarotto, R.M. Molfino, and M. Zoppi (Italy)


Robotics, Control, Simulation, Active suspension.


The accelerations due to a fast ambulance journey may cause dangerous trauma to the patient. The use of an active suspension system for the ambulance stretcher could significantly reduce the risk of trauma. A special purpose parallel robot, interposed between the ambulance frame and the stretcher, and a possible control strategy have been designed in order to compensate the road unevenness and the accelerations due to the ambulance trajectory. The system performance has been assessed using the multibody simulation package Pro/Mechanica by PTC integrated with extensions in C language. The main results of the simulations are reported, showing the feasibility of the project.

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