Adaptive Output Tracking of Mobile Robots via Backstepping Approach

H. Chao, C.K. Li, Y.M. Hu, A. B. Rad, and M. Wong (PRC)


adaptive backstepping, mobile robots, output tracking, unknown parameters, parameter update law.


An output tracking control algorithm is proposed for application in mobile robots based on the adaptive backstepping approach. A model is first developed which includes both the dynamics of the mobile robot as well as the actuator. The model also addresses any non-slipping conditions. Considering the unknown but constant parameters in the system and separating them from the known functions, the dynamic model is transformed into a convenient form for a backstepping algorithm. Furthermore, an adaptive output tracking controller based on backstepping is designed. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm and verify that the proposed controller has good adaptability with respect to the unknown parameters of the mobile robot.

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