Review of Experiences of Industrial Demand Response under Innovative Rates

J.M. Yusta and I.J. Ramírez-Rosado (Spain)


Pricing, demand response, industrial customers, power systems


The rates play a highlighted role in the Demand Side Management programs (DSM). From the point of view of the utility, the programs of DSM can provide economic benefits (reduction of capital costs, operation costs and losses) and to improve the efficiency in the operation of the system if the load curve allows flexibility. From the consumer point of view, getting into a program of DSM can reduce their electric bill, and it can provide him more possibilities for the control of their consumption, i.e., the consumer can obtain a service. Besides other strategies like the direct control of electric loads, the energy storage, or the improvement of the efficiency of the appliances, the price has also been used as a tool of demand side management as shown in this paper. As a consequence of the efforts to determine the success of these programs, measures of the impact of DSM in the consumption have been carried out, and therefore measures of the variations in consumer’s consumption habits. In this way, these studies become an interesting reference of the behaviour of the consumers before future applications of other strategies of prices, for example spot prices, in the new deregulated markets.

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