Identification of Electrical Parameters of Asynchronous Motors with Skin Effect at Standstill

U. Beckert and H. Arnold (Germany)


Parameter identification, skin effect, at standstill, no load, deltoid voltage pulse train, MOD function


The identification of the electrical parameters is important both for the field-oriented control and for an effective diagnosis of the produced machines. A new method is presented, with which the electrical parameters of induction machines with skin effect rotor can be identified at standstill. The asynchronous machine is fed with single-phase alternating deltoid pulse train of low-frequency, which can be produced easily with an inverter. The differentiation of measured sizes is avoided by a signal preprocessing with a suitable MOD function. There is no additional load necessary. The machine parameters σX1, 1/T2, (R1, + X1/T2) and R1/T2 are estimated, from which R1,R2,Xh, X1,X2,σ T1 andT2 are calculated afterwards. Practical results are presented.

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