Stability and Accuracy Analysis of a Position Estimator in Switched Reluctance Drives

I.H. Al-Bahadly (New Zealand)


Stability, Estimation, SR drive.


A Conventional switched reluctance (SR) drives utilise optical or electromagnetic rotor position sensors which provide a rotor position reference signal while the rotor is in operation. The fitting of a rotor position transducer on a SR motor requires additional electrical connections, additional cost and a potential source of unreliability. Considerable attention has recently been applied to various methods for sensorless rotor position estimation, generally based on measurement of phase current and flux and preknowledge of the magnetic characteristics. This paper focuses on the stability and accuracy analysis of a sensorless rotor position estimation method. The paper examines the theoretical stability of the measurement and shows that measurement errors are not compounded and act as variable disturbance to the system. The theoretical accuracy of the measurement is examined and shown to be acceptable.

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