The Electronic-data Intercepted Detection System Technique

J.C. Lin and H.H.-S. Hsieh (Taiwan)


E-data (Electronic Data), IW (Information Warfare), VPN (Virtual Privacy Network),AH (Authentication Header), ESP (Encapsulating Security Payload).


This study used numerous techniques to create an EIDS (E-data Intercepted Detection System). This scheme is base on network detection, defense and counter-attack protocols. Some applications include Plug-in AH (Authentication Header) and ESP (Encapsulating Security Payload) in VPN construct and anti-virus and viruses management strategies. Creating a security environment is a very important issue for any company. How to can an intercepted transmission on a networked path is detected? We developed a method for E-data detection and counter-attack. Packet filtering using VPN (VPN-AH-ESP) techniques and how to build an arsenal of powerful weapons (computer viruses) for counter-attack will be discussed.

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